About Leah

Leah is a lifelong resident of New Mexico. She grew up in Cuba, New Mexico. She moved to Rio Rancho eleven years ago, where she chose to raise her three children. She is a proud Democratic woman who comes from the Navajo Nation. Professionally Leah is a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant who works in the Home health care setting.

Leah strongly believes in working in her community. She chose to work with the local Democratic Party where she found a passion for organizing. She helps to organize a monthly luncheon in her neighborhood which provides a platform for Democratic candidates and brings forth social and political issues that impact her community. She is the current Sandoval County Democratic Party Vice-Chair, having been elected two times and is on the State Central Committee. She has volunteered on many political campaigns including working with the local Coordinated Campaign office during past election cycles. Leah graduated from the 2018 class of Emerge NM. Emerge is an organization that trains Democratic women to run for political office.

Leah decided to run for the Sandoval County Commission primarily because she does not feel that she, and many others, are being adequately represented by the current County Commissioner in District 2. The current Commissioner has written and supported resolutions that do not align with our values; this is why she chose to make her voice heard. She believes that our environment is being affected by climate change. Our ecosystem is primarily a desert where water is scarce. Our warming planet is putting this precious resource in jeopardy. When decisions are being made, regarding economic development, our water, air, and land need to be considered. Oil extraction through fracking is extremely harmful to our environment. She strongly believes that New Mexico can move toward an economy supported by renewable energy, away from dependence on oil extraction and the highs and lows this industry brings. She strongly supports Unions and worker’s rights to bargain for fair, equitable wages and a safe workplace. The current County Commissioner supports and voted on a resolution that would have Sandoval County deemed a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County, disregarding State law and further dividing our community. Leah supports sensible gun legislation.



  • Protect our water

  • Clean air and lands

  • Economic stability

  • Renewable energy

  • Public Health and safety